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Software product is a tower defense video game developed and published by Ninja Kiwi, and it is the first sequel to be released in Bloons TD 6 free series. Game is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play for mobile devices. In game, there are six worlds to play, each with a different map and a unique terrain. There are a total of four difficulty levels to choose from which will change the number of rounds and the difficulty of layout. You can play as a monkey that has to build towers to defend the monkey city from the bloons that are trying to destroy it.

The monkey can build different kinds of towers, each with a different special ability. The monkey can use dart guns to shoot at bloons before they reach the city. Software product is the sixth installment of Bloons TD 6 free download series of defense games, and it is arguably the most popular of them. It has been released on March 14th, 2016 and is available for all major desktop and mobile platforms, it is free of charge. The game is a standard defense game, it sets person against a stream of balloons and monkey darts and the player’s goal is to protect an area by placing towers which attack the incoming enemies.


Graphics of Bloons TD 6 download is colorful and child friendly. Graphics is quite detailed and animations are fluid. There are no glitches or lags as well. Background is a green/yellow color with a few patches of other colors. Balloons are a variety of different colors and have a white background. Balloons are easy to see and towers are easy to identify.


Gameplay of Bloons TD 6 game is great and challenging. Different types of bloons need a different way of being stopped, person has to use a variety of tower types to stop them. Player must strategically place towers to shoot darts to destroy incoming balloons. Player has to place and then place a dart. User can either shoot dart or hold the button to charge dart. Smaller balloons can be popped with a single dart, but larger balloons require a few darts. Different types of towers have different ranges and effectiveness.


As a multiplayer game, Bloons TD 6 free download PC offers a two player mode, a one person mode, a two player co-op mode which is a great way for a parent and a child to play the game together. In software product, is a multiplayer mode. Up to four people can play on same computer. Person can shoot their dart and then wait for their next turn. In multiplayer, users can shoot a dart and then wait for next player to take their turn. You can play Bloons TD 6 unblocked in multiplayer mode with friends. Multiplayer mode is as fun as playing as single player mode as you can't really communicate with your friend and it feels like you're playing against them.


Application offers a number of different modes user can play through, so replayability is high. In Bloons TD 6 Windows, there is a lot of replayability. There are a total of 10,000 levels of difficulty. Person has choice of playing a single player or a multiplayer mode. Software product is a game and you can play as a monkey with different towers and dart guns to defend the monkey city. Game is fun and it's easy to recommend and play.


  • What is this game about?
    Application is a tower defense game where the player defends an area from an onslaught of different colored, balloon-like enemies called "Bloons".
  • How do you play this game?
    Player selects an area on the map where they can build towers, which they can upgrade in several different ways. The player can also place different types of specialized towers, such as dart, mortar, or banana towers. The player can also place bombs in predetermined spots on the map in order to quickly destroy bloons that are brave enough to enter the map.
  • When are new towers coming out?
    We are always working on new towers, new features, and new levels. We can't give out future release dates, but we will continue to release new content as soon as it's ready.


In conclusion, Bloons TD 6 download PC is tower defense style game that is easy to play and has a lot of replayability. In the game, person needs to strategically place towers to shoot darts at the balloons. The graphics are simple and easy to follow. The gameplay is turn based. There are a variety of towers to choose from, each with a different color and a different specialty.

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